Who am I

I am an attorney-at-law

I have gone through 12 years of interesting legal practice and I believe that there is at least three times as much of successful legal practice in front of me.

I believe that small and medium businesses which do not lack new ideas and a sense of fair play are the healthiest and most sustainable source of wealth. I work with pleasure for entrepreneurs who think the same.

I am interested in real-estate development and architecture including the refurbishment of historical buildings under statutory protection. What strongly attracts me are traditional handcrafts, but also untraditional, sustainable energy production. What fascinates me are business projects with little start-up capital which create wealth out of „nothing“. The issue of the freedoms of an individual vis-a-vis the State is in the spotlight of my attention. In my work, I endeavour to make sure that those freedoms do not remain on paper.

I believe that corruption shall have no place in our society. That is why I support the Reconstruction of the State Initiative.

When I put aside laws, I reconstruct our house, work with my wife in the garden, ride a bike or go cross-country skiing. I like to learn foreign languages, at the moment, I am studying Polish.